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Since its inception in Paris back in 2010, Magenta Skateboards brand's visually striking decks feature graphics meticulously crafted by pro rider and art director Soy Panday, making Magenta's boards stand out as distinctively as their skating and video projects do. With a steady flow of beautifully designed offerings, Magenta has cultivated a refined yet progressive aesthetic that seamlessly merges artistic expression with high-level skateboarding. Their commitment to pairing dynamic riding with an elevated visual identity has allowed Magenta's creative vision to shine through, both on the board and in their videos. For skaters seeking decks that double as canvases for inspired graphics, Magenta delivers an impeccable marriage of form and function rooted in the brand's Parisian origins.

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Very informed and personable service, got an awesome (complete) board for my son for an awesome price in a beautiful shop, we will be back!!

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