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The hardness of your wheels should be the first thing you decide. Size will fall into place when you’ve decide what type of skateboarding you want to be doing.

Hard wheels are the most common as they go faster and slide easier. Typically 99A - 103A will be your choices so you just need to know the higher the number, the harder they are. Although not as common, there are a few choices in the low 90’s that can provide a hard wheel but with a bit of stick for riding extremely smooth surfaces. Soft wheels are typically 78-86A, the lower the number the softer the wheel. If a wheel is soft it is more forgiving on rough terrain and offers less chance of sliding when you don’t want it to. Occasionally you’ll see a “B” rating versus an “A” rating - it’s suggested that you add 30 on top of the B number and that would give you a comparable number in A ratings. For example, an 84B is an extremely hard wheel (84+30) = 114A.

Sizes are measured in millimeters and typically listed on the wheel graphic with either “mm” noted after the number. We suggest 52-56mm for trick skating and although the larger wheel will last a bit longer it has a greater chance of getting caught up on sliding tricks or rolling out from under you when landing tricks. A great place to start and most commonly sold sizes are 53-55mm skateboard wheels.

If you are looking at wheels over 56mm you will also need to consider risers to go under your trucks to help keep you away from wheel bite. Wheel bite is when your wheel makes contact with the bottom of your deck.

We support a lot of brands but always feel confident recommending Bones, Satori, Snot, OJ, and Spitfire skateboard wheels no matter your skill level.

All wheels are priced and sold in sets of 4.

Once you’ve decided on wheels, you will need to choose bearings to complement them. Sold in sets of 8 - 2 for each wheel - you will typically get a faster and smoother ride as the price increases.

We recommend for a high quality bearing are the Bones Reds for all levels of skaters on softer wheels or beginner/intermediate hard wheel skaters. For a faster and smoother ride pair the Bones Super Reds with a hard wheel. For experienced skaters looking for the ultimate ride you need to look hard at the Bones Swiss.