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Skateboard risers, also known as riser pads, are small plastic or rubber pads that are placed between the deck and trucks to provide extra cushioning and reduce the impact of hard landings. They come in different thicknesses and sizes, and are usually shaped to fit the contours of the deck.

Riser pads serve several purposes:

  • They protect the deck from getting damaged by the truck's hardware and prevent the deck from cracking.

  • They also act as a shock absorber and reduce the impact of hard landings, which can save your feet from getting sore or your board from getting damaged.

  • They help to increase the overall stability of the deck by raising the trucks up and providing more clearance between the deck and the wheels.

There are different size recommendations for risers based on the size of your wheel:

  • 1/8” suggested for 57-60mm wheels.

  • 1/4” suggested for 60-63mm wheels.

  • 1/2” suggested for 63+mm wheels.