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Skateboard Risers

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Skateboard Risers serve the purpose of providing extra clearance between the deck and wheels to prevent wheel bite when turning or landing tricks. When purchasing skateboard risers, there are a few key factors to consider:

The riser's thickness directly impacts how much additional clearance it provides, with thicker risers giving more wheel clearance but also raising the board's ride height. The material, typically plastic or rubber, affects the riser's ability to absorb impacts and vibrations. Some risers also incorporate angled edges or built-in shock pads for enhanced turning and cushioning. Compatibility with the specific truck setup is important to ensure a proper fit without hardware interference. Factors like skating style, board dimensions, wheel size, and desired ride height can all influence the ideal riser shape and thickness to prevent wheel bite while maintaining optimal board feel and responsiveness. Selecting the right riser allows skaters to maximize performance based on their unique setup preferences.

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