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You can choose your deck based upon the brand, the pro rider, size, shape, color and/or graphic. For most it’s a mixture of those items until you refine your skills to know what you prefer and narrow the focus of your needs.

The only true way to know what works best for you is to try different decks over time and learn what seems to connect with your skating the best. Some of our favorite brands are Welcome, Heroin, 5boro, Creature, Uma, Hopps, and Krooked.

Deck shapes known as popsicles are the most common for executing tricks and narrower boards are typically easier to flip while wider decks have more stability, but the amazing thing about skateboarding is there are NO rules.

There’s 5 additional items you’ll need to finish building your new skateboard - grip tape, trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware.

We can pre-build the skateboard for you and ship it ready to skate or send all your components for you to build yourself.