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Skateboard Hardgoods

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The term "hardgoods" in skateboarding refers to the core equipment and components made of rigid materials like wood, plastic, and metal. This includes the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and accessories like risers and bushings. At the foundation is the skateboard deck, typically constructed from 7-ply maple wood veneers pressed into its iconic shape. Attached are the metal trucks which allow for steering and turning motions. Wheels made of polyurethane in various sizes, shapes, and durometers cater to different riding styles and surfaces. Tough metal hardware like bolts, nuts, and screws secure all the parts together. High-quality bearings decrease friction for smoother rolling. Riders can customize gear like bushings, risers, and shock pads to dial in precise feels. Top skateboard brands put extensive R&D into perfecting hardgoods materials, construction methods, and designs to maximize performance. For skaters, having durable, high-performance hardgoods is essential for progressing skills and withstanding the impacts of street skating.

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Typing this in a bit of a daze because well…. You just don’t get this type of five star service anywhere these days. I walked in a complete stranger (and mom with a broken skateboard I know zero about) but left a lifetime customer and supporter.

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