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Skateboard Trucks

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Skateboard trucks come in a variety of styles designed for different riding disciplines. Traditional trucks with relatively low profiles and geometry tuned for street skating provide a nice balance of turning, stability, and grind ability. Wide trucks with taller profiles and different baseplate angles offer more lean and carvability ideal for transition and bowl skating. Niner/indie trucks with a 9" axle width provide extra stability for larger boards favored by downhill skaters and cruisers. Precision trucks utilize finely machined and calibrated components for a silky smooth turning feel prized by technical street skaters. Some specialized slalom trucks even incorporate advanced features like integrated turning spheres for an ultra-tight, responsive turning radius. From the classic short/wide street trucks to tall/narrow shapes built for vert riding, skaters can select truck designs that maximize performance and feel for their particular skateboarding style.

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I hadn’t stepped into a skate shop in nearly 20 years when I came in. I had custom boards made for one of my brands and went to Money Ruins Everything because I wanted to support a local skate shop for all the gear to get setup correctly. I’m so glad I did too. The kid behind the counter was excellent and the quality of everything I bought is perfect. It was better than my favorite skate shop growing up. I’ll be back for certain.

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