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Skateboard Wheels

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Skateboard Wheels come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to cater to different riding styles and terrain. The most common are standard street/park wheels ranging from 49-54mm diameter with a medium contact patch and mid-range urethane formula for a balanced mix of grip, slide, and wear resistance. Larger soft wheels 56mm and up provide more cushioning for cruising. Smaller hard wheels under 49mm excel at tricks and power slides. Square lip profile wheels help lock into grinds and carvings. Rounded lip shapes are better for transition skating. Some wheels even incorporate unique core designs like flat or offset cores to tune the wheel dynamics. From the ultra-grippy, slow-wearing cast urethane wheels favored by technical street skaters to the larger, softer poured urethane wheels preferred by cruisers and downhill speed riders, there are wheel options precisely engineered for every skateboarding discipline.

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As far as skate shops go in Oklahoma this is a five star for sure. Gives me kind of the vibe of Shut skates in New York or Pharmacy in Los Angeles.

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