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Skateboard Decks

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When buying a Skateboard Deck, there are several key factors to consider. The deck's width, length, and concave shape should align with your skating style - wider boards are more stable, while narrower boards are better for tricks. The deck's construction material, whether maple, bamboo, or composite, impacts its pop, weight, and durability. Graphics and aesthetics also play a role for many skaters. Additionally, assessing the deck's nose and tail shapes, like rounded, pointed, or square profiles, based on whether you skate street, park, or vert will impact trick execution. Choosing the right deck size, kick shape, and construction material tailored to your skating discipline and preferences ensures optimal board feel and performance.

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100% Skateboarding! Great owners, skate team, and shop team. Always looking out for you and making sure you have the best set ups!

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