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Skateboard Museum Zine Collection Box Set

Skateboard Museum Zine Collection

In 2003, the Skateboard Museum premiered the first exhibition with the title “Skateboard-Fever” focusing on the history, culture and artistic side of skateboarding. Diving deeper into the many facets of skateboard history, the Skateboard Museum has hosted various specially themed traveling exhibits in major metropolises around the world.
For the exhibitions the Skateboard Museum had created special zines. Those zines were just available at the shows and in a very limited run. This box-collection contains those zines in an updated version with more exhibits and pictures of the exhibitions.
Included zines:
1. DIY – The History of Creative-Culture in Skateboarding
2. Harry Blitzstein – Welcome to the Jungle / The Art of Harry Blitzstein on Skateboards
3. I LOVE MY – Vans skateboarding footwear heritage
4. NO SHITTY ADS IN THIS ZINE – A comprehensive 1980’s skate zine retrospective 
5. NO AGE LIMIT! – Punk and Hardcore flyers collection of Jason Jessee
  • Published by Gingko Press
  • 352 pages, Hardcover
  • 5 5/6" x 8 1/4"