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G3 Skateboard Bearings



  • Box of 8 Bearings
  • 4 Spacers
  • 8 Axle Washers

Deep Groove RacewaysBalls roll deep in raceway channels and reduces side impact damage and breakage

Straight Edge, Removable Frictionless ShieldsPop off resistant, hold oil in and keep dirt and moisture out, easy to clean

Micro Groove Raceway Surfaces - Linear micro-groove surfaces improve bearing lubrication, speed and spin

Max Impact Cage Design - Non-distortion custom cage keeps the balls precision spaced, micro grooves aid in oil circulation

Balls Out Technology - Eliminates shield and cage contact on impact for a go fast, stay fast bearing

High Speed Oil - Custom engineered light oil lubricant is water, oxidation and corrosion resistant for extended wear protection

Factory Fresh Quality - nitrogen filled shrink wrap, reduces metal & oil oxidation until ready to be ridden