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Knowing the size of your deck will help make sure you choose the correct size skateboard truck to fit the width of your deck. In addition to size, many personal choices remain when making your final decision. There are multiple brands, colors, heights, and weights.

The main differences between skateboard trucks are the width of the hanger, the height of the kingpin, and the shape of the baseplate.

  • Hanger width: The hanger is the part of the truck that the skateboard deck attaches to. Hanger width is measured in inches and is typically between 5" and 8". A wider hanger will provide more stability, while a narrower hanger will allow for more maneuverability.

  • Kingpin height: The kingpin is the bolt that holds the truck together. The height of the kingpin is measured in millimeters and ranges from 48mm to 52mm. A higher kingpin will provide more stability, while a lower kingpin will allow for more turning.

  • Baseplate shape: Baseplate is the part of the truck that attaches to the deck. Baseplates can come in different shapes, such as traditional, drop-through, and double drop. A traditional baseplate will provide more leverage for turning, while a drop-through or double drop will provide more stability.

The truck brands we stock at Money Ruins Everything use a baseplate with a standardized 4 bolt pattern which will work on most all of the decks we carry. This will reduce possible issues with choosing one that won’t mount to your deck. The notable exceptions are 80’s reissue decks that maintain the “old” bolt pattern. In this case you will want to go with an Independent 159 or slightly wider 169 as their baseplates come with a 6 hole pattern to address these decks.

Typically a lower truck is for a more technical skateboarder running 54mm and smaller wheels. Standard height trucks will handle from the tiny 45mm wheels to 56mm wheels without using risers. We suggest a 1/8” riser for those of you running wheels of 56-58mm wheels, 1/4” risers for 60-62mm wheels and then if you’re really going big and riding a wheel larger then 62mm take a look at the 1/2” risers to help stay away from as much wheel bite as possible.

Best selling brands for Money Ruins Everything are ACE and Independent which we feel provide high quality, great prices, and are companies that truly service the world’s skate shops and skate communities while addressing every need a skateboarder will have at any level.

Once you’ve selected trucks and wheels for your skateboard and decided if you’re running risers or not, then you can choose your truck bolt length.

  • 7/8” bolts = no risers

  • 1” bolts = no risers / 1/8” riser at max

  • 1 1/8” bolts = 1/8” risers

  • 1 1/4” bolts = 1/4” risers

  • 1 1/2” bolts = 1/2” risers

Phillip head bolts or Allen Head bolts is a personal choice.